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Insurance Management Consultancy Group believes one of our core responsibilities is to advise, teach and train the constituencies we serve. XCelleration is a monthly learning series whereby we bring in multi-industry leaders to share ideas, operational enhancements, compliance and best practices. Through XCelleration our hope and vision is to share innovation, efficiencies and creativity to help all stakeholders achieve better results.

HR Solutions

Workers Comp
Since you have to have it, why not do it well? Workers’ Compensation can be an effective finance contract. Simple and proven methods can help you eliminate claims and administrative waste. It’s simple with IMCG, we get results.

Employee Benefits
We provide real-time solutions to everyday HR practices including helping employers build out appropriate benefit packages.

Employee Handbook
Our experience provides years of examples why establishing employee manuals, later eliminates issues with internal procedures and compliance. This delivers invaluable guidance and communication for both the employer and employee.

Online Portal
Login anytime to our convenient all-in-one online portal.

An employer administrative robust online software portal for all HR data through HR360.

Leading Edge Safety

IMCG is thrilled with our strategic alliance with Leading Edge Safety. As their name suggests, Ben McManaway and his team of seasoned veterans have been delivering exceptional services to the same constituencies we serve here in south Florida. Learn More



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