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Agriculture enterprises throughout the supply chain, sometimes referred to as, “gate to plate,” assume substantial risks every day. We would argue, perhaps, more than any other business owners. We recognize and clearly understand this fact. Insurance Management Consultancy Group has been privileged to serve the AgriBusiness constituency for close to two decades. IMCG leaders managed these interests for the insurance division of a fifth-generation Florida AgriBusiness family. By doing so, IMCG has been able to refine creative financing solutions as well as deliver proven cost-containment solutions and tangible results that reward all stakeholders. Sure, we counsel on and deploy tangible strategies that strike harmony with operational objectives, but results matter, and we achieve these by eliminating claim and coverage waste, while providing partners the transparency they expect. Expertise for AgriBusiness includes workers’ compensation, transportation, product recall and stock throughput, to name a few.

Contamination & Product Recall

Most experts would successfully argue that our food supply has never been safer. Headlines, social media disruption and prevailing risks, however, are perhaps at an all-time peak. Foodborne risks and supply-chain issues seem to be perpetual. We understand these risks—so we build plans that help find harmony among stakeholders and focus on helping you connect all of your business goals.

Details matter in this emerging world. Having the right team will not just help you navigate any recall, reputational concerns or contamination events. It will ensure future stakeholders can carry on your legacy.

At IMCG, we apply an FDA-coined critical control point process (CCP21) to prevent, reduce or eliminate food safety hazards and deliver positive results across the entire footprint.

Captive Solutions

This long-standing form of self-insurance may be an effective financing vehicle to deliver control and long-term predictability over your insurance costs. Do your insurance premiums escalate each year, even though it’s not deserved? Worse yet, are you being marginalized, because of the marketplace results? If so, then consider the benefits of captives.

Financial Rewards: Investment income and tax benefits may be available (consult your tax advisor). Captive members may retain unused claims dollars, along with investment income. Inside a traditional insurance arrangement, the insurance company controls and realizes the benefit of those unused claims dollars.

Member Control: Captives can and do provide members equal voting rights and a collaborate platform for your voice. No reason to sit back and wait for “board approval”—you can have a seat in the boardroom, while directly impacting your short- and long-term costs.

Results Matter: You can be rewarded with long-term financial benefits directly attributable to your results. If you and your company are struggling with losses, loss experience and loss development, a different conversation should take place. If you remain a leader and desire to earn what your company deserves, let’s talk about how you can escape the “herd” of masses.

Claims Management: Or in our case, concierge claims management, a ridiculously effective in-house third-party claims facility situated in our Fort Myers headquarters. In concert with your approved claims facility, our model year over year continues to deliver exceptional results.

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Workers’ Compensation

The state mandates that employers carry workers’ compensation coverage. The National Council of Compensation Insurance sets the rates and your experience modifier. Insurance companies manage and adjudicate claims dollars. Your premium, according to them, “is what it is.”

This is an idea that agents and brokers have facilitated through the marketplace for years. Forego the hype and declare, “Enough is enough.” If you are looking for a best-in-class partner with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus, talk to IMCG. We move the needle for our clients with:

• Concierge Claims Management (It’s your money)

• Experience Modifier Audits

• Classification Audits and appropriate strategies

• Loss-Sensitive Plans

• Superior Cost Containment

• Managed Care Network evaluation and deployment with occupational experts

• Results-Oriented Return-to-Work Plans

• Payroll audit preparation, review and reconciliation

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HR Solutions:

We provide real-time solutions to everyday HR practices:

· Hiring and employee counseling policies that align with a company’s culture and objectives

· Workers’ compensation and employee benefits that positively impact a business and its employees enhancing retention and recruitment of our #1 asset.

· Employee handbooks and/or manuals that outline procedures, compliance and more

· Robust online portal for all HR data

· Dedicated, professional and strategic HR guidance

HR 360:

An employer administrative robust online software portal for all HR data through HR360.



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