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Employee Benefits

Because It Matters

Many employers and agents give their best efforts each year only to discover the budgets for employee benefits are incrementally increasing. Market justifications may support why this makes sense. But we do not agree. Sure, careful planning and strategy are important, and most do them really well. It’s all about execution and our employee benefits specialists provide tactful planning, multi-year evaluation and strategy. We deliver results to our partners inside both traditional insurance products and creative vehicles to effectively finance health costs and enhance long-term predictability toward your budgets.

The steps to achieving these end goals are:

· Analyze insurance data from multiple sources to manage and negotiate plan costs as well as begin the underwriting process.

· Develop administrative platforms, call centers and service calendars to avoid HR burdens.

· Promote compliance with federal and state regulations via referral tools, expert guidance and documented policies.

· Provide efficient, high-quality health care options, such as education, advocacy, telemedicine and walk-ons.

· Rely on pharmacies to decrease costs and increase transparency via consultancy services.



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