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Most of our competitors understand it but few have delivered the results we achieve through genuine claims management. Lifecycle claims handling and expert management are how best to achieve effective, predictable and consistent cost-containment strategies. Liberal and conservative care deployment of medical provider networks directly impact both short-term and long-term costs. Tangible results are achieved through expert counsel delivering results to your bottom line.

Contact us anytime for a free evaluation or to peer-check our results and competencies versus the national broker model. At IMCG, we ask potential clients:

• How soon does your current insurer and agent initiate post claim contacts?

• What does lifecycle management mean to you?

• Are you receiving “cradle to grave” claims management?

• Are special handling agreements being met by all stakeholders?

• Are you and your partners “over-communicating”?

• Have there been surprises in reserve increases, mediations or settlements?

• Has the most conservative and equitable approach been taken through claim resolution?


Executive Summary
Concierge Claims Management Services was established as a division of Insurance Management Consultancy Group, Inc. to mitigate an employer’s cost of risk through ancillary consulting services. The founding management team is experienced in delivering and managing these services for large employers.

Employer’s Advocate
Concierge Claims Management (CCM) represents the employer exclusively. We provide sound, enterprise-level advice on business practices. As the employers’ advocate, we bring cost savings and control to our clients. By partnering with CCM, employers have an advocate in the management of their insurance program. CCM can partner with you in the following areas:

Internal Claims Servicing Instructions

A customized program which focuses on minimizing claims costs through effective claims reporting, managed care usage and enhanced claims control.

External Claims Servicing Instructions

Customized to your facility and carrier with a focus on minimizing claims costs, facilitating investigations, establishing reserving practices, reserve notification and adjuster reserving authority. Reduces experience modification impact and enhances insurance carrier servicing.

Telephone Consultation

A CCM Claim Consultant is available for personal telephone consultation on serious injuries that occur. Your consultant will offer advice on direction of medical care and development of an injury plan for the employee, recommendations for claim handling procedures, and specific claim reviews.

Claim Tracking & Management

CCM reviews loss runs from carriers for open claims. The Insurance Management Consultancy Group Claim Consultant will then follow up on each open claim with the insurance carrier claim adjuster. Specific services include:

  • Analysis of an injury through review of insurance adjuster’s notes and conference with employer.
  • Return-to-work program consultation and coordination.
  • Attendance with employer at hearings and mediations if necessary.
  • Written reports of all open claims with appropriate recommendations.
  • Periodic on-site review meetings to include strategic recommendations.
  • Aggravated inequity review.
  • Trend and cost analysis reports.
  • Experience modification calculation.
  • Stewardship reports.
Risk Management Services

Transitional Return-to-Work Program:
Includes job descriptions designed to enhance physician compliance and minimize management’s time commitments.

Post-Hire Job Questionnaire:
Customized to collect information that may affect job performance and prevent injuries. Additionally, fraudulently completed questionnaires will facilitate the denial of claims and/or reduction of benefits paid.

Cost Analysis for All Injuries:
Detailed analysis designed to illustrate the direct and indirect cost of historical injuries; for use in feasibility studies.

General Risk Management Consulting:
Provides employers with advice and expertise needed for specific situations not listed previously or further assistance for implemented programs.

This is just a sampling of the services available to employers through Insurance Management Consultancy Group. Employers will receive detailed information from conception of the claim to closure of the claim.



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