We are thankful over thirty influential leaders were able to join us for XCelleration™ on St. Patrick’s Day.  Indispensable ideas and insight were shared, while the event blew past the allotted time without consequence.  The following is intended to offer key insights shared by an All-Star Panel as follows.  

Henderson Franklin Starnes & Holt, P. A. 

Workers’ Compensation defense attorneys, David Roos and Spencer Shaw, delivered exceptional counsel. Even copious “notetakers” struggled to get everything documented. And documentation was underscored throughout. As employers, we can never over-document or over-communicate through a claim. It is also critical that careful attention is drawn to wage statements after an injury because this is the number one area those pesky plaintiff attorneys attack.  

Summit Holdings 

Gabriel Marquez, “Gabe”, represented Florida’s largest writer of workers’ compensation exceptionally well.  Gabe offered attendees a peek “behind the curtain” and made certain all left being keenly aware of Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses (ALAE).  These imbedded, or more appropriately characterized as hidden costs add up. You should demand transparency.  Like always, Gabe dove deeply into Retrospective plans, a.k.a. Cash-Flow plans, a huge benefit for larger companies that place a premium on safety. Lastly, do not get too excited about the sliding scale dividend, because your insurer is banking on their statistics that approximately 97% of the time, you will not qualify. 

Leading Edge Safety 

If you have not met or interviewed Ben McManaway and his team – you should.  Ben’s team has been exceeding expectations in Florida since 2006.  Leading Edge Safety delivers pragmatic and indispensable solutions, while seeking harmony with production.  Yep, you heard it here first.  Safety can have harmony with production leading to enhanced profitability. 

Concierge Claims Management 

2018 Florida Workers’ Comp Adjuster of the Year by Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals, Ms. Anna Evans, led the way and did she ever.  Anna’s leadership and insight had attendees, including the panel, thirsting for more.  Know your numbers (7 to 70), if you desire to finance workers comp effectively.  Know your code numbers too (1 to 9), it makes a huge difference.  Know your medical providers to properly influence lost time claims.  Know key terms, like “aggravated inequities” making sure you are not flushing premium dollars and lost opportunity. 

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